Priorities of Montanans in Choosing Banks

The Montana Chamber of Commerce invited MIB to submit a question to their annual Power-Base survey of registered Montana voters. This survey polled 800 voters on a variety of issues ranging from views on the direction of the state and national economies to opinions about legislative priorities, industry sectors, what to do with surplus state revenues, and more.

MIB submitted the following question, which received the following results:

20. When it comes to choosing a bank, which two of the following factors are most important in your decision?

Bank is locally-owned                                              47%
Good customer service                                           39%
Convenient location                                                25%
Low ATM and account fees                                 21%
Ability to obtain a loan                                           13%
Familiarity with the bank brand name          10%
Referral by friend, co-worker or family        9%
Other                                                                                3%
Don’t know                                                                    5%

This is good news for Montana’s community banks, as the highest ratings were for the strongest attributes of community banks. We remain a state that is committed to local values and support of our communities.

Our thanks to the Montana Chamber of Commerce for facilitating this survey!