About Montana Independent Bankers

The Montana Independent Bankers Association has faithfully served Montana’s community banks for over 50 years.  As the financial cornerstone of their communities, independent banks are a powerful force in shaping our state’s economy.  Locally founded and owned, often by multiple generations of Montanans, these banks are characterized by their adherence to the small-town values of business integrity, financial responsibility, and personal service for their customers.   MIB provides these banks with the multi-level support they need to function at their optimum.  After all, healthy banks mean prosperous communities.


A key component of MIB is the monitoring and influencing of government on behalf of Montana’s community banks.  MIB lobbies through correspondence and face-to-face interaction with state legislators and Montana’s congressional delegation in Washington D.C. to protect the interests of independent banks and their customers.  We partner exclusively with the Independent Community Bankers of America (ICBA) to influence national legislation and help ease the burden of one-size-fits-all regulation policies on Montana’s community banks.

Throughout the year, MIB also works hard to establish good relationships with regulating agencies to ensure positive governance for independent banks.  MIB also has a bipartisan political action committee, MIBPAC, that is used to support Montana candidates of both parties who understand and protect community banking, and encourages them to continue doing so.


The MIB association is a platform for creating mutually-beneficial connections between banks, vendors, regulating agencies, and Montana customers.  Our website advertises our members and associate members with ads, contact information, and hyperlinks to their websites.  It keeps our members connected and informed through banking and association news, convention and workshop registrations, and links to resources, webinars, and our professional quarterly magazine The Community Banker.  This magazine, also in print form, features exclusive articles by industry experts, association news, and stories and photos of our member banks actively serving their communities and enjoying Montana’s renowned outdoors.

Our MIB Annual Convention & Tradeshow, held in July at Montana’s finest resorts, is a place where connections are made and renewed.  Members and associate members mingle and interact during seminars, outdoor activities, and evening banquets.  Most of our indoor activities occur in our exhibition room, giving our vendors maximum contact with our bankers.  Sponsors of the convention gain additional prominence through announcements, signs, and special mentions throughout the next year on our website and magazine.  And all attendees and their spouses enjoy golfing, white water rafting, prize drawings, a PAC silent auction, and evening receptions and banquets.


Through an exclusive contract with the Community Bankers Webinar Network, we offer webinars on every conceivable financial and administrative subject by the top professionals in the banking industry.  These webinars bring affordable training to even the smallest and most rural banks.  Based right here in Helena, Montana, Community Bankers Webinar Network is a nation-wide company that partners with 30 community bankers associations to deliver quality webinar training to over 104,000 bankers in all 50 states.  More than 130 webinars created by industry experts are offered annually, covering critical issues at every level in the financial world.  And a percentage of each webinar’s registration fee is returned to MIB to enhance its member benefits!

MIB recently partnered with Young & Associates, Inc., to bring you the Community Bankers for Compliance Program.  The CBC Program is the most successful regulatory compliance program in the country, providing up-to-date information on compliance issues and developments in federal banking regulations.  Training on new and existing regulations is provided through live, in-state biannual seminars, quarterly webcasts, monthly e-newsletters, online forums, and a toll-free helpline to compliance experts.  MIB subsidizes the CBC Program so that Montana’s community banks can receive the lowest registration rates in the nation.

MIB hosts other workshops around the state for more live training to help you meet your regulation requirements.  And seminars at MIB’s annual convention keep our members on the cutting edge of banking issues, all within the enjoyable context of recreation and camaraderie.

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MIB currently represents 28 Montana community banks.  Further, over fifty-five companies and organizations around the state and nation provide services to our member banks as associate members.  Montana Independent Bankers seeks to encourage profitable interaction between member banks and associate member organizations, and to create a positive working relationship with governing and regulatory agencies.  We invite you to join and experience the benefits of our association.