MIB Partners with MSU to Create Community Banking Program

February 8, 2017 — “The Montana Independent Bankers Association (MIB) is pleased to announce that the Association is teaming up with Montana State University to create and implement a community banking program for students attending that top-notice education institution.

This program is an exciting development for Montana’s community banking industry.  MIB is collaborating with the Montana State University Jake Jabs College of Business and Entrepreneurship (JCBE) to develop a curriculum that will prepare MSU students for work in Montana’s community banking industry.  MIB is pleased to provide the initial seed money for the program, which will be used by MSU to develop coursework relevant to the business of community banking; to build a foundation for MSU students to learn about community banking, to institute a collaborative system by and between the JCBE and Montana community banks.

MIB is particularly excited about that portion of the program that creates a statewide internship program for those students involved.  The internship program will bring students from the classroom into participating community banks, where the students will begin building hands-on knowledge of the industry.  This program has already been done on a trial basis, and has proved to be quite successful in matching the student with a job in the industry.  MIB believes this program will be an excellent tool for MIB’s member banks to recruit employees and to train young Montanans for a career in the banking industry.

MIB has arranged with MSU for its member banks to be able to contribute money to the program, which such sponsorship dollars will be used to provide named scholarships for students in the Community Banking Program.  As designed, this program provides MIB member banks a meaningful opportunity to meet and interact with students who have chosen the banking industry as their career of choice.  Further, the program provides MIB and its member banks with positive exposure to the MSU community and students.

Community banking plays a vital role in Montana’s communities.  And, as evidenced by the development of the MSU community program, MIB continues to be on the forefront of promoting the interests and values of Montana’s community banks.”