It’s been more than 45 years since a small group of community bankers gathered to create the Montana Independent Bankers.  Much has changed since those days back in the turbulent 1960s.

Spurred by a technological revolution, an ever-diversifying state economy and steady population growth, Montana’s banking industry is radically different – and far more robust – than it was just a generation ago. As a result, Montana in the 21st century is a far different place to live and work than it was when the MIB was founded.

Montana’s community bankers have been among the leaders in shaping our state’s present and future economy. By using innovative business strategies, we have helped bring growth and prosperity to our communities, while strengthening the financial health of our state’s community banks.

For example, in response to the growing use of ATMs, in the early 1980’s, the MIB created the CashCard Network. Today this network is the largest ATM operation in the state. But even more important, fees collected from this service are dedicated to strengthening our state’s community banks and the communities in which they operate.

Community Bankers of Montana, Inc., MIB’s for-profit subsidiary and the parent of the CashCard Network, has spawned a variety of similar successful ventures. All add value to members’ communities and make the association an integral force in Montana’s network of financial institutions. 

But, while much has changed, much, too has stayed the same. Community banks continue to serve as the financial cornerstone of their communities, a powerful force for both growth and stability.

And MIB members continue to be guided by the mission and vision that brought the association’s founders together over 45 years ago.                                                       

                                                             MIB PAST PRESIDENTS:

1967-1968 00 A.R. Appelgren  00000000 1991-1992 000 Dan Barz
1968-1969 Hib Hanson 1992-1993 Frank Stock
1969-1970 Burt Maynard 1993-1994 Lloyd Soh
1970-1971 Phill Sandquist 1994-1995 Bruce Gerlach
1971-1972 Tom Hughes 1995-1996 Dan Jordahl
1972-1973 John Witte 1996-1997 Doug Morton
1973-1974 Jack King 1997-1998 R.J. Doornek
1974-1975 Charles Sweeney 1998-1999 Kenneth Walsh
1975-1976 Pat Kirby 1999-2000 John King
1976-1977 Hank Lilloyrd 2000-2001 Jay Harris
1977-1978 Theo Bartschi 2001-2002 Thomas Welch
1978-1979 Marvin Veis 2002-2003 Kirk Sandquist
1979-1980 Ken Mahle 2003-2004 Bill Partain
1980-1981 Dick Kjoss 2004-2005 Michael Richter
1981-1982 Earl Wright 2005-2006 Allan Aronson
1982-1983 Byron Kluth 2006-2007 Shawn Dutton
1983-1984 W.E. Schreiber 2007-2008 A.J. King
1984-1985 Gib Nichols 2008-2009 Peter Johnson
1985-1986 Art Wiedeman 2009-2010 Murry Moore
1986-1987 Art Wiedeman 2010-2011 Ron Rosenberg
1987-1988 Kent Brubaker 2011-2012 Brice Kluth
1988-1989 Ron Ahlers 2012-2013 Martin Olsson
1989-1990 Marty Olson 2013-2014 Kenneth Martin
1990-1991 Dick Maurer 2014-2015 Kenneth Martin