Mission Statement

The mission of the Montana Independent Bankers Association is to promote competition among financial institutions so that premier financial services are made available to our customers. It is our view that a large number of competitors, operating under an “equal playing field,” is preferable to concentration of money and capital.

This will be accomplished by:

  • Having aggressive lobbying activities at a state and national level.
  • Supporting the dual banking system.
  • Protecting the rights of states to determine the type of financial institution structure best suited to their varying economics.
  • Providing cost effective services to our membership.ICBA Logo 2C w one mission red tag

Our actions will be guided by the highest in ethical standards and those espoused by the Independent Community Bankers of America.

Purposes and Guiding Aims

  • To support the principle of bank chartering and supervision by the separate states and the federal government, recognizing the autonomy of the states on banking matters;
  • To oppose any monopolistic practice or structure by banks or other financial organizations as being detrimental to the public interest;
  • To extend the usefulness of the independent bank and to strengthen the economy through cooperation and unified action by the Montana Independent Bankers and Independent Community Bankers of America;
  • To maintain high ethical standards and sound business methods in banking operations;
  • To advocate and support state and federal laws that assure the continued strength of the independent bank in American banking;
  • To affirm that healthy competition between banks benefits the public and that fair competition is best maintained by perpetuation of independent banks, as contrasted to the concentration of control of banking; and
  • To advocate these principles in legislative and regulatory forums and to provide cost effective services to the member banks.

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MIB Bylaws (rev 2013)

CBM Bylaws (rev 2013)

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